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    After practicing as a Makeup Artist and Advanced Esthetician almost 15 years in Canada and Australia. I became passionate about permanent makeup from my very first application when I initially trained at The Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing in April 2016. I continued to further my fundamental education with Rita Porecca in Sydney, NSW. Rita is a leading Australian practitioner for 30 years, teacher of cosmetic and medical tattooing and pioneer of the cosmetic tattoo industry in Australia. To this day she remains my mentor and confidant. I have since completed advanced techniques and needle configurations with Andrea Darby an Australian cosmetic and medical tattoo international master trainer, in addition to advanced colour theory, correction and removal. I do feel ongoing educate keeps me on top of my game!

    I am an artist that likes to work within your natural shapes ensuring your procedure ages well for years to come. Always working lighter on your first visit in shape, colour and depth. The purpose of your second visit or perfection appointment is to perfect these variables where we may decide together to go larger in shape, darker in colour, add more hairstrokes or dimension and go deeper into the skin. I do feel on-going education is paramount to stay on top of my game and succeed in the cosmetic tattoo industry where Australian standards are not yet developed. I encourage all my clients to be thorough in their research when choosing their cosmetic tattoo artist. Be sure to choose an artist or technician that can answer all of your questions confidently, display only the highest level of safe practice and can be someone you feel you will have an on-going relationship with because, I promise, when you get the right tattoo from the right tattooist you will in contact with one another from many years to come!

    “For me my clients health is paramount and I include you through the entire design making process: colour selection, shape and technique to achieve your desired outcome and exceed your expectations.”

  • My consultations are thorough and last for 30-45 minutes where we look at your health and lifestyle and how that may or may not affect your tattoo. We will discuss colours and shapes on the skin, as well as, your  aftercare instructions to ensure you know what to expect during the healing process so when you are ready to book your procedure it suits that time in your life. It’s during this time I like to educate my clients on the what to expect from your cosmetic tattoo procedure, what techniques, shapes, styles and colours are best suited for you, your skin type, your lifestyle and why. 

  • Most importantly I am there to answer any questions you might have so when you decide to move forward with your cosmetic tattoo procedure your 100% comfortable and confident it’s the right choice for you! For me my clients health and confidence is paramount. I include you through the entire design making process: colour selection, shape and technique to achieve your desired outcome and exceed your expectations. My commitment to the art of cosmetic tattooing, on-going knowledge, mastery of technique and colour are second to none and I continue to strive for perfection everyday!


    SIBBSKS504A Design & perform cosmetic tattoo
    SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards

    2017, GIRLZ INK, NV
    Colour Science and Corrections

    Advanced Needle Techniques and Configurations
    - eyebrows, eyes and lips

    Cosmetic Tattoo Fundamentals
    - eyebrows, eyes, lips

    Ultimate Eyebrows
    - microblading and shading

    Diploma of Esthetics and Spa Therapy
    (Blanche MacDonald Centre)

  • Christie McPherson
    Geelong, VIC

    A polished professional with an attention to detail and client rapport that is second to none. I would not go anywhere else. My experience has been exceptional start to finish! Thank you Lou!

  • Amanda Cain
    Bannockburn, VIC

    Always a great experience with Lou! Highly recommended!