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Lighten and remove unwanted cosmetic tattooing in the skin using an effective saline removal product. Most often this might be recommended before moving forward with further cosmetic tattoo procedures ensuring previous saturation is lightened or removed from the skin leaving a fresh new palette to work on. Procedure results very from person to person, yet visible results are always seen after your first procedure and most defiantly your second.

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Non laser tattoo removal

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Non laser tattoo removal
Non laser tattoo removal
Non laser tattoo removal
Non laser tattoo removal

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The Treatment


1. Before Procedure

Non laser tattoo removal

2. After First Procedure

Non laser tattoo removal

3. After Second Procedure

Non laser tattoo removal
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Frequently Asked


How many sessions will I require?

2-5 sessions are typically recommended

What variables contribute to the removal of my unwanted cosmetic tattoo?

The age of your cosmetic tattoo will mostly contribute to how difficult it is to remove. Aged pigment more then 5-7 years will be more difficult to remove than fresh cosmetic tattooing. 

The depth your practitioner has placed the pigment: if your practitioner has implanted your tattoo too deep in the skin this will affect your removal process, as there may be scar tissue to work through and if not addressed with caution scar tissue can be formed trying to retrieve this pigment in the deeper layers of the skin. Laser tattoo removal may be recommended if it appears your tattoo has been implanted too deep to keep the skins integrity.

Can I have saline tattoo removal on my lips?

Saline tattoo removal can easily be preformed on the eyebrows and in most cases the eyes. When treating the lips only the pigment outside the lip vermillion (border) can be treated. Laser tattoo removal may be recommended for the lip tissue.

How long in between removal sessions?

The preferred time in between saline removal sessions is 12 weeks, however can be done for extreme cases a minimum 8 weeks apart should the skin display strength and integrity in your initial procedure. A minimum of 8 weeks is recommended in between saline removal sessions to ensure appropriate skin healing and account for ongoing results as the body is still metabolising colour pigment for months after every treatment and your results will continually improve.

How long after my cosmetic tattoo, from another artist, can I have it removed?

Within 48 hours or after 4 weeks. You may have a “Triple 0” removal preformed within 48 hours of your initial procedure. This can be very effective in removing or lightening unwanted cosmetic tattooing immediately after your procedure. It is also more effective to have during these early stages as the pigment has not yet settled into the skin.

If you decide you are unhappy with your cosmetic tattooing, from your previous cosmetic tattoo artist after the 48 hour window, a full 4 weeks must be waited out to ensure skin healing is complete and the skins integrity is maintained before moving forward with non laser saline tattoo removal at By Louise Cosmetic Tattoo.

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Non laser tattoo removal
Non laser tattoo removal

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