What is

MCA Scar Relaxation?

MCA has a plumping effect reducing the depth of pitted, depressed and shallow scarring creating a more even epidermal surface. Hypertropic scars can be flattened. Contracted scar tissue formed from burns or accidents causing limited mobility and flexibility can be relaxed and broken down. Hypopigmented areas can often be stimulated for a natural recolouration in the skin. In certain cases a pigmented scar camouflage method would then be used to blend hyperpigmented areas to your natural skin tone as a second stage to this procedure. 

MCA is precise skin stimulation, awakening and healing.

MCA otherwise known as Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation or scar relaxation is a non pigmented camouflage treatment similar to skin needling assisting individuals in healing disfigurement after skin trauma and scarring from accident, injury, surgery or genetically. Including:

Skin grafts
Burn scars
Cleft lip
Post mastectomy
Chicken pox

Mca scar relaxation

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MCA Relaxation

Paramedical tattoo geelong
Paramedical tattoo melbourne

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The Treatment


1. Before Procedure

Mca scar relaxation

2. After Procedure

Mca scar relaxation
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The Treatment


Frequently Asked


How long does this procedure take?

Depending on the size of the procedure area this treatment usually takes about an hour.

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Mca scar relaxation

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Mca scar relaxation
Mca scar relaxation

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