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Clients who have melanin rich skin will also commonly have lips that appear dark.  The darker the skin, the darker the lips. In addition, sometimes certain things can exacerbate melanin production such as unprotected over exposure to sun, or injury.  In both such cases clients may notice that some areas of the lip are lighter than others and this can be a bothersome issue for both male and females with darker lips.

Having active/over-active melanocytes in the skin, as all darker skinned people do, creates many obstacles in terms of cosmetic skin care treatments. This is because skin trauma can trigger these skin cells into overactive production, sometimes leaving unsightly dark spots or blotches.  To that end, correcting lips which are evenly or unevenly dark requires a high level of training, and extensive experience.  This treatment must not be done by novice artists.

Dark lip corrections, when done by advanced artists are beautiful.  Even colour is restored, contours are perfected, and the lips are given as rosy a blush as is desired or possible given the case.  This treatment requires specialized pigments and equipment and is very precisely performed, usually over 2 sessions, to avoid compounding the concern.  The art of tattoo is one of the few cosmetic treatments that dark skinned clients can enjoy without risk, when they trust the right artist. Thorough consultations with these corrective treatments are required to set a plan for treatment.

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The Treatment


1. Before Procedure

Dark lip correction

2. After Procedure

Dark lip correction

2. Healed One Session

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The Treatment


Frequently Asked


Does a Dark Lip Correction Procedure hurt?

Most clients are quite comfortable during the entire procedure and may experience some tenderness at the beginning before secondary anaesthetic is applied and/or near the end of the procedure. Approximately, 1 in 10 clients are hypersensitive to a lip tattoo.

Can I choose the color?

Dark lip corrections have limited colour selection due to the cool dark tones present in the lip only warm bright colours are to be used from a selection of about 15 colours.

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Please note, all injectables are administered by a Doctor or Nurse, available at all operating locations, and not performed By Louise PMU.



Lip Flip – Administered at the lipline to advert the lip for a fuller appearance of the top lip correcting lip asymmetry and imbalance

Gummy Smile – Hides the gum when smiling by increasing the volume of the top lip


Lip Enhancement (Filler) – Corrects extreme asymmetry in the lip to balance outside the perimeters of lip tattooing alone. Lip filler also hydrates the lip tissue for a more youthful, plump and firm appearance.

Smokers Lines – Fills, plumps and firms’ vertical lines on the top lip which in some cases can interfere with a successful lip tattoo.

Chin Filler – Give proportionate facial structure and side profile to compliment your lip tattoo.

Antiwrinkle or Dermal Filler Injections may be recommended for those clients with extreme asymmetry, muscle movement causing uneven shape and placement, for those requesting perfection where bone structure or loss of volume may restrict or to enhance a more youthful look, shape or placement your pmu design as per your request.

Dark lip correction

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Dark lip correction
Dark lip correction

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