Permanent makeup is ideally suited to mature clients for some significant reasons.  Firstly, many older clients either lose most or all their brow hair with age, OR their brow hair becomes unruly and difficult to shape and maintain.  Secondly, declining eyesight and shaky hands often factor into the decision to get permanent makeup so that the brows always look on point, without the daily application of cosmetics.  Thirdly, permanent makeup eyebrows are probably the most affordable and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment one can do for oneself.  The reason?  A shapely set of brows lifts and defines the face in ways you cannot imagine until you look in the mirror after your treatment.

However, mature skin has lived through decades of sun, environmental damage, and has been depleted of natural oils, subcutaneous fat, collagen proteins, and skin structure components.  To that end, approaching eyebrow permanent makeup treatments for mature clients requires a thorough consultation, colour and shape planning, and the most suitable technique to protect the integrity of this beautiful, delicate skin.  Eyebrow permanent makeup is a tattoo, but it is a tattoo like no other since extensive training and expertise is necessary for low trauma, high retention procedures for mature clients.  In addition to using only the finest in equipment and pigments, your artist will prescribe a bespoke after-care protocol to ensure even and fast healing, while nourishing and hydrating the skin. 

Done carefully and meticulously, mature clients often require 2-3 sittings to progressively build colour in the skin ensuring their beautiful brows remaining intact for many years.

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Mature eyebrows
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Mature eyebrows

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The Treatment


1. Before Procedure

Mature eyebrows

2. After Procedure

Mature eyebrows
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The Treatment


Frequently Asked


Does a Cosmetic Eyebrow Procedure hurt?

Most clients are quite comfortable during the entire procedure and may experience some tenderness at the beginning before secondary anaesthetic is applied and/or near the end of the procedure. Approximately, 1 in 30 clients are hypersensitive to a brow tattoo.

Can I choose the color?

Of course! We discuss everything from color to the shape of your brow. We walk you through the whole process.

Is a stencil used to draw your shape?

No, we create our own stencil unique to your own features and is specifically measured and drawn on to your skin and approved by you before commencing your procedure.

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Will I need a third sitting

Mature and/or sun damaged skin can be fragile, sensitive, prone to micro tears for that reason we must work slowly and calculated to progressively build colour in the skin. Very often two sittings are enough and in some cases a third may be requested in which a $150 fee is valid for 3-6 months after your last procedure

Mature eyebrows
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Please note, all injectables are administered by a Doctor or Nurse, available at all operating locations, and not performed By Louise PMU.


Eyebrow Lift – Lifts the arch and tails of eyebrows to correct asymmetry, contribute to a more youthful appearance in shape and placement and reduce hooded eyes

               Frown Lines (Glabella) – Restricts movement between the eyebrows correcting eyebrow asymmetry and imbalance

Forehead Lines – Restricts forehead movement correcting eyebrow asymmetry and imbalance


              Temple Hollowing – Lifts the tails of the eyebrow by restoring the lost volume of the temple area. Restoring your temple volume will also support the crows’ feet around the eyes for a more youthful appearance

Antiwrinkle or Dermal Filler Injections may be recommended for those clients with extreme asymmetry, muscle movement causing uneven shape and placement, for those requesting perfection where bone structure or loss of volume may restrict or to enhance a more youthful look, shape or placement your pmu design as per your request.

Mature eyebrows

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Mature eyebrows
Mature eyebrows

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